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Terms and Conditions

The articles on sale at (hereinafter the “Website”) are sold and invoiced by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL, with its headquarters in Via LARGA 2, Milan, a registered company at C.C.I.A.A. (Chamber of Commerce) of Milan with number REA  1672208  of the Companies Register, Fiscal Code/VAT Number 03392230961 (hereinafter “LANIFICIO”)
For any information relative to orders, to shipping and, more generally, to purchases, it is possible to contact the Customer Care service, Monday – Friday, 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. at the following email address

1. General Terms and Conditions for Sales
1.1     IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL offers for sale on the Website products to end customers, i.e. to subjects who purchase for purposes not in any way connected to their own businesses, commercial or professional (the “Customer”). Accordingly, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL reserves the right to not follow up on orders from subjects who are not considered "consumers" or, however, to orders which do not conform to LANIFICIO commercial policies.

1.2     The contract agreed between IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL (hereinafter also the “Vendor”) and the Customer must be considered to be in force once the order has been accepted by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL. In the event of the order not being accepted, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall in every case provide timely communication of such to the Customer.

1.3     By placing an order in the foreseen modality as indicated on the website of the “Lanificio”, the Customer declares that he/she has read all of the indications provided during the purchase procedure and that he/she accepts all of these General Terms and Conditions for Sales.

1.4     These Terms and Conditions may be printed or saved to a permanent support according to Article 12 of D.Lgs. 70/2003 (Legislative Decree) and Article. 51 of D.Lgs. 206/2005, as amended by D.Lgs. 21/2014.

2. Purchase Modality

2.1     The products offered on sale by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL are solely those present on the Website at the moment the Order is placed, as described in the relative information pages, however, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL reserves the right to evaluate and update the effective availability of the articles and the descriptions of the actual items.

2.2     In any event, it is understood that the images supplied on the description page for a product are solely for information purposes and cannot perfectly represent its characteristics but may differ from the product for example in colour or dimension (also as a result of the browser or monitor used to access the Website to see the images).

2.3     To place an order, the Customer must fill out the appropriate form on the Website and send such form following the instructions given on the Website, after having read the Terms and Conditions with attention, as well as the characteristics of the product/products he/she intends to purchase, the price (including all applicable taxes or duties) and the shipping costs. If required, the Customer should also request LANIFICIO to raise a fiscal invoice relative to the purchase.  

2.4     Correct receipt of the Order by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL is confirmed by means of an email reply sent to the email address provided by the Customer. The Customer is required to verify the purchase conditions as summarised as well as the information provided by the Customer for the order, and to immediately communicate any errors.

2.5    Should the article chosen by the Customer not be effectively available in stock, even though it appears available on the Website, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL reserves the right to cancel the order and to reimburse the total sum paid within 7 days by a credit made using the same method as that used by the Customer for the payment.


3. Prices and Accepted Payment Methods

3.1    The prices given on the Website are always to be considered inclusive of VAT. Any shipping costs or payment charges are communicated to the Customer in advance on the Website at the moment of completion of the purchase.

3.2     The product prices may be subject to updates with immediate effect. The Client is requested to ascertain the final sales price before sending the relative order form.

3.3     Purchases may be made using the following methods:
•    By credit card;
•    Using PayPal;
•    By bank transfer (in these cases, shipping will take place when the relative credit has been received);
•    In instalments: using the Klarna platform.

3.4     Transactions are made via a secure server as selected by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL. In no event and at no phase of the payment is LANIFICIO able to see any information relative to the Customer’s credit card as transmitted via a protected connection directly to the website of the financial institute managing the transaction. IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall not keep any IT archive of such data and therefore, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL may in no event be deemed responsible for any fraudulent and illegal use of the credit card by third parties at the moment of payment.

3.5.    In some cases, the prices indicated on the Website may differ from the prices used at LANIFICIO sales points, resulting from the fact that the distribution chain and the commercial approach may be different. In any event, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL does not accept complaints in relation to these different pricing policies between e-commerce and direct sales in the stores.

3.6    The contract is conditional on the payment of the total amount due. In the event that the full payment of the price is not made, the contract will be considered terminated by law.

4. Shipping of Items Purchased and Relative Expenses

4.1   The items purchased will be delivered by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL and its logistics suppliers to the address indicated by the Customer in the order, at the price expressly indicated at the moment of placing the order. IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL reserves the right to accept or decline requests for delivery outside of Italy or Europe. In any event, delivery times outside of Italy may be subject to variations.  

4.2   In the event of deliveries outside of the European Union, any customs import duties arising shall be paid by the Customer. For this reason, the Customer is required to contact the local customs authorities in advance to verify the costs and any importation limits.  

4.3   Delivery times as given by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL must be considered to be solely indicative and any delay in delivery may not be deemed to be the responsibility of IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL, nor to entitle the Customer to refuse delivery nor request reimbursement for such.

4.4   Upon delivery of the products, the Customer is requested to verify whether the packaging is still intact, not damaged, nor damp, or in any other way altered, including the sealing materials used, and, in the event such materials are not intact, to immediately communicate the situation, making a specific indication on the delivery documentation to be returned to the courier.

4.5   Any problems concerning the physical integrity of the products delivered, whether they correspond to the order or their entirety must be reported within 2 months of delivery (please note art. 8)

5. Size Change

5.1     It is possible to change the item ordered only for a different size or different colour of the same item, provided such is available. It is not possible to change one item for a different item.

5.2    In the event the article is not available in the size requested, the Customer may opt to be completely reimbursed or to receive a voucher to be used for a purchase at a later date.

5.3     Such size change must be requested using the appropriate section of the Website RETURNS, or by contacting the customer care service and giving the size requested.

5.4    Only one size change is permitted free of charge for each authorised return of goods.

6. Right of Withdrawal

6.1     The Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without giving a reason or being penalised in any way, within 14 (fourteen) days of the delivery date by using the appropriate section of the Website “RETURNS” (or by sending an email to the Customer Care service) following the procedure indicated.

6.2     In the event of a return of goods, the Customer should return the product to IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL with 14 (fourteen) days of the withdrawal from the contract, using one of the following methods as selected by the Customer:

            6.2.1      In the event of the product being defective or not in conformance with the order, returning the product/s will be free of charge and shall be carried out via the LANIFICIO courier who will return the goods to the address provided at the moment of purchase. Alternatively, the article may be delivered to one of the IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL stores (with the exception of the stores in San Marino and Mendrisio)

            6.2.2     In all other cases, the costs for returning the product shall be met by the Customer and may be paid to the courier chosen or at the moment of returning the item/s to one of the IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL stores (with the exception of the stores in San Marino and Mendrisio).

6.3     The goods shall be returned in their entirety with all the pertaining parts, intact, having been used only with normal diligence and worn if at all only to establish and verify the nature, the characteristics or the size, without leaving traces of wear or dirt.

6.4    The right of withdrawal pertains solely to the product bought in its entirety. It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal only for part of the product bought (e.g., accessories, supplements, etc.)

6.5    For such withdrawal to be possible, the product must be present in its entirety (including labels, tags, etc.)

6.6    In the event a product is returned as defective, the shipping shall be the complete responsibility of IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL to the point of acceptance in the store as indicated by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL. In the other cases the shipping shall be at the expense of said Customer and therefore IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall not be held liable for any damage, theft or loss occurring during shipping.

6.7    Upon receipt of the article/s, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall proceed with the necessary ascertainment relative to the conformity of such article/s on the base of the Terms and Conditions laid out above. In the event that such checks do not provide positive results and discrepancies are found with respect to what was declared, the Vendor shall communicate to the Customer, via email the existence of a reduction in the value of the returned product as found resulting from a lack of respect for the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions. Simultaneously, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall communicate the sum to be deducted from the reimbursement, without prejudice, and alternatively, at his/her own expense, the Customer will have the possibility of accepting the product in the condition in which it was returned to LANIFICIO.

6.8   In the event that the checks provide positive results, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL shall offer the Customer the choice between reimbursement or a voucher in the sum of the value of the returned product as valued at the time of purchase. In the event of a reimbursement, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL will proceed with repayment to the Customer of the sum paid for the returned product net of shipping expenses, (except the cases in paragraph 6.2.1.) within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the returned article, via reversal of the sum debited and using the same payment method as used by the Customer in the initial transaction. In the event of a voucher being issued, please see paragraph 7.

6.9     Should the terms for application of the Right of Withdrawal have expired, LANIFICIO reserves the right not to accept a reimbursement request; after the expiry of 14 (fourteen) days, IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL may issue as a substitute for complete reimbursement a voucher ready for use at the next purchase. For Terms and Conditions and methods of use for vouchers, please see paragraph 7.

7. Vouchers

7.1    Vouchers are personalised codes which give a discount on purchases made on the “Website”. I The box “Have a promo code?” is visible in the shopping basket and should be filled out with the voucher number before completing the purchase.  

7.2     A voucher may only be used once (unless pertaining to returned goods) and may in no event be converted into money. In every case, a voucher must be used in its entirety and may not be used partially for more than one purchase.

7.3    In the event that the Customer wishes to return an item for which a voucher has been used, said Customer must follow the returns procedure and then, once the return has been accepted, it will be possible to reactive the code with its original value. Any difference in price experienced will be re-credited according to the Terms and Conditions pertaining and the normal reimbursement procedure.

8. Guarantee

8.1   All items sold by the Vendor are covered by the legal guarantee of 24 (twenty-four) months in terms of non-conformity, pursuant to the applicable laws. Non-conformity may be communicated to the Vendor by contacting Customer Care services who will evaluate any defect and possible non-conformity. In the event of non-conformity, the Customer shall be entitled to request reimbursement or replacement of the product. In the event the above-mentioned remedies are not possible or excessively onerous, the Customer shall be entitled to a reduction in the price paid or to the termination of the contract pursuant to Article 130 of the Italian Consumer Code

9. Complaints and Requests for Information

9.1     Any complaint or request for information may be sent to IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL at customer service:

10. Data Protection

10.1   Personal data used for placing an order shall be processed solely for the purposes of fulfilling the express request of the Customer pursuant to D.Lgs. 196/2003, as modified and integrated to D.Lgs 101/2018, regarding the disposition of Regulation UE 679/2016 and the Sales Data Protection Policy at Any other processing may be carried out only with the express consent of the Customer.

11. Applicable Law

11.1     The sales contract referred to in these Terms and Conditions and its execution are governed by Italian law. The court of the Customer’s municipality of residence shall be the competent court for the solution of relative disputes.

11.2     In the event of disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions the organisation for Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce in Milan may also be called upon in the first instance.

11.3     Finally, the European Commission provides a platform (also across borders) for an alternative extra-judiciary resolution of disputes at