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Men's mackintoshes and duster coats

Cold and rain are no longer a problem thanks to our men's mackintoshes and duster coats. With impeccable style and functionality, you'll find your perfect men's trench coat or mackintosh to tackle any occasion, from formal to casual. Explore our selection and get ready to be fashionable in every situation.

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Elegant single-breasted raincoat - BLUEElegant single-breasted raincoat - BLUE
Elegant single-breasted raincoat - BLUE Sale price€165,00
Available in multiple colors
Elegant double-breasted raincoat - grayElegant double-breasted raincoat - gray
Elegant double-breasted raincoat - gray Sale price€185,00
Available in multiple colors
Sold outElegant double-breasted raincoat - BLUEElegant double-breasted raincoat - BLUE
Elegant double-breasted raincoat - BLUE Sale price€185,00
Available in multiple colors
Elegant single-breasted raincoat - IvoryElegant single-breasted raincoat - Ivory
Elegant single-breasted raincoat - Ivory Sale price€165,00
Available in multiple colors

The man's overcoat for your rainy days? Mackintosh or duster!

In the wide range of men's clothing, mackintoshes and duster coats are the go-to garments for rainy days. Mackintoshes are designed to withstand the elements, offering protection from the elements such as rain and wind, while stylish duster coats are lighter and more breathable, ideal for cool but not necessarily rainy days. Explore our selection of men's smart mackintoshes and duster coats to find the perfect garment to suit your style.

Men's single-breasted mackintosh: elegance and practicality

On your rainy days, don't renounce style and class: choose the elegant single-breasted mackintosh for men, a garment where elegance is combined with maximum practicality
Made from high-quality materials, it is the coat that provides you with water resistance without compromising on elegance. The elegant and refined design of our blue men's mackintos hwith a row of buttons on the front gives it a classic and sophisticated look
Pair it with trousers, a colourful wool sweater and add a scarf for a functional look that suits multiple occasions.

The men's mackintosh with bib? Maximum functionality

Stylish men's mackintoshes are often equipped with a bib for maximum functionality and uncompromising style. For weather resistance and comfort during every outdoor adventure, choose an overcoat that combines elegance and functionality thanks to its insulating properties. Pair it with smart trousers and one of the many men's wool jumpers in our collection for a flawless look even in the rain. 

Men's dust coats: class is not water!

The quintessence of masculine style is the elegant men's duster coat, perfect for formal evenings, even in the rain. Give your wardrobe a touch of timeless elegance: from classic lines to contemporary designs, our duster coats are perfect for any occasion, adding a touch of sophistication to every outfit. Choose your men's overcoat that leaves its mark: green, blue or grey? The most popular one online is our grey men's mackintosh.


Il Lanificio has always been distinguished by the use of high quality materials, craftsmanship and an innovative approach in its men's and women's collections.

Rooted in the heart of the Biella textile district, Il Lanificio's aim is to meet the various needs of everyday life through continuous innovation and a strong bond with tradition and the territory.



Each fabric used for our collections is chosen with the experience gained over the years, enabling us to create garments that meet the expectations of even the most demanding and sophisticated customers.