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Gift card


It is a bearer card issued exclusively at "IL LANIFICIO" points of sale in Italy, by IL LANIFICIO RETAIL SRL, with registered office at Via Larga 2, Milan, a company registered with the Milan Chamber of Commerce under No. REA 1672208 of the Companies Register, VAT No. 03392230961.

The GIFT CARD is delivered to the customer at the time of purchase and can only be used at "IL LANIFICIO" points of sale in Italy, as stated on the GIFT CARD itself. At the time of purchase, a non-fiscal receipt is issued containing the GIFT CARD number, value, and expiration date. This receipt must be kept with the GIFT CARD and presented together with it at the time of use as payment.

The GIFT CARD displays the value in Euros and a unique barcode.

The GIFT CARD constitutes a payment method and is not to be considered a financial instrument. The purchase and use of the CARD imply acceptance of the present conditions, available on the website and at points of sale in ITALY. The seller reserves the right to verify the correct use of the GIFT CARD and to intervene in case of violations.


GIFT CARDS can be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. The expiration date can be checked on the non-fiscal receipt issued at the time of purchase and attached to the Card.



  • can only be spent in a single transaction: when using the GIFT CARD as payment, the amount to be paid cannot be less than the value of the GIFT CARD. The amount to be paid must be equal to or greater than the value of the GIFT CARD.
  • cannot be used for partial payments of an amount less than the value of the GIFT CARD;
  • cannot be used for payment of invoices issued on purchases, but only for payments for which a fiscal receipt is issued;
  • cannot be used for online purchases;
  • are not rechargeable;
  • have no issuance costs, activation fees, or usage commissions;
  • are not subject to discounts and promotions at the time of purchase, the amount of the GIFT CARD must be paid in full without the possibility of applying promotions or discounts.
  • since the GIFT CARD is a payment method, it can be used for payment of any purchase (even if for an amount equal to or greater than the value of the GIFT CARD), even potentially subject to discounts or promotions
  • cannot be converted into cash and their balance cannot be refunded;
  • do not entitle to change or refunds of any kind, even if their value is not used before the expiration date;
  • cannot be used to purchase other Cards;
  • cannot be purchased using merchandise vouchers or vouchers issued by the seller or third parties on special initiatives;
  • do not earn interest;
  • are not accepted and cannot be replaced if tampered with, altered, or if they contain different wordings from those originally provided;
  • are only valid in the country (Italy) where they were activated. Items purchased using the GIFT CARD at authorized points of sale will be subject to the same return and replacement terms and conditions as any other items purchased at IL LANIFICIO points of sale.

The GIFT CARD is not nominative and can be used by anyone who presents it, provided it is valid, for the purchase of items. The holder of the GIFT CARD is solely responsible for its use and custody.


GIFT CARDS cannot be blocked or replaced in case of theft or loss. The seller is not responsible for the improper or fraudulent use of GIFT CARDS by third parties.


Any communication and/or complaint regarding the use of the Cards can be sent to


Personal data will be processed in order to fulfill the express requests of the Customer, in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 as amended and supplemented by Legislative Decree no. 101/2018, which provides for the adaptation of national legislation to the provisions of EU Regulation no. 679/2016 and the Sales Privacy Policy on the Website. Any further processing will be carried out only with the express consent of the Customer.

Updated version as of 06/12/2023.