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Discover the rich history and philosophy behind our product.
A journey to explore raw materials and the choice of materials.


Raw materials

We only work with the best raw materials, such as White Cashmere from Inner Mongolia and Australian wool, for exclusivity that is not affected by time.

For all our collections we use only high-quality fabrics and accessories which comply with the quality standards of excellence.

made in Italy

The Italian spirit and the style of the material

Our story begins in 1881 with the Cerruti family, who established a wool mill on the banks of the river Cervo, between the historic walls of the city center of Biella. It is here that the fabric collections of the "Lanificio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881" and the clothing collections of "Il
Lanificio", founded by Nino Cerruti at the beginning of the century, are still developed today.

Nowadays, the group counts seventeen official stores, located in the most prestigious outlet villages in Italy and abroad.

Attention to detail

A production centered on Made in Italy

Our production ensures excellent craftsmanship and an unmistakable attention to detail in our collections.

The weaving that gives shape

Tailored Quality

All the fabrics that bring our collections to life are selected with the expertise we have acquired over time, allowing us to create garments that satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated clientele.

The entire manufacturing company embodies an alchemy of inexhaustible creativity, constant innovation, and pure excellence. The most sought-after fibers, artisanal perfection, and fabric that becomes art represent the ongoing pursuit of beauty and the expression of the evolution of the times.

Through the harmony created between technological evolution and the solidity of Italian craftsmanship, we achieve a bold balance between innovation and tradition, infusing naturalness into our collections that originate in Biella and travel the world.

Our ambition is tied to the needs of everyday life, ensuring comfort and appropriateness in every situation.