Our Story

The origin of the raw materials

We only work with the best raw materials, such as White Cashmere from Inner Mongolia and Australian wool, for exclusivity that is not affected by time.

For all our collections we use only high-quality fabrics and accessories which comply with the quality standards of excellence.

The Italian spirit and the style of the material

Our story begins in 1881 with the Cerruti family, who established a wool mill on the banks of the river Cervo, between the historic walls of the city center of Biella.
It is here that the fabric collections of the "Lanificio F.lli Cerruti dal 1881" and the clothing collections of "Il Lanificio" are still developed today.

Nowadays, the group counts eight official stores, located in the most prestigious outlet center in Italy and abroad. The oldest is that of Biella which stands next to the historic wool factory.

In Italy, we carefully select our suppliers, capable of guaranteeing all our products an extraordinary fit and an unmistakable accuracy in details.

The texture that gives shape

All the fabrics that give life to our collections are selected with the experience we have acquired over time and that allows us to create garments that satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated customers.

The entire manufacturing company is an alchemy of inexhaustible creativity, constant innovation, and pure excellence. The most valued fibers, the handcrafted perfection, and fabric that becomes art represent the unstoppable search for beauty and the expression of the evolution of the times.

Sartorial quality

Through the harmony created between technological evolution and the solidity of Italian know-how, we are able, in a bold balance between innovation and tradition, to instill naturalness in our collections, spread from Biella to the world. Ours is an ambition linked to the needs of everyday life, to feel comfortable in every situation.